English Training

If your English is insufficient, you cannot be a certifying staff.

EASA regulation have changed (01.08.2012) so that required English level for the aircraft maintenance personnel has been redefined and increased.  See EASA or NAA circular 2012.

Aircraft maintenance personnel that do not meet this criteria, in due time (it can be change by the NAA) will not be able exercise their license priviledges and licenses will be suspended.  The new AML holders do also need to prove their English proficiency in the level defined in EASA circular 2012.

Aircraft maintenance personnel will have to repeat these English proficiency level exams in certain standard periods defined by the NAA.  These competency examinations will have to be repeated unless a defined high level English proficiency is reached.  This is the only way to be exempt from these periodic examination requirements.

Our aim is to help you in this process!  We have established an English language program that will enable you to learn the language in its natural environment in a native country, Ireland.  With this program, you will be learning English 2 months in Türkiye and 4 months in Ireland.  The training program will enable you to reach an English proficiency that you won't need to keep repeating competency testing.




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