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International Aircraft Maintenance Basic Training School that will be European Aviation Safety Agency approved

  • Total 8000 m2  closed area.
  • 8 theoretical + 8 practical training rooms.
  • 384 trainees at the same time.
  • Every year 192 graduates. 

Work Shops;

  • Structural repairing
  • Electric
  • Electronic
  • Engine
  • Hydraulic, Pneumatic & Mechanic

Hangar (1800 m2) (capabilities 2 airplane + 2 helicopters)

The most important issue in aviation is flight safety. Significant portion of the regulation is in place to create a safe operational environment. One necessary arm of aviation safety is provided by aircraft maintenance personnel. Each aircraft is checked, inspected and released prior to each flight by a licensed aircraft technician/engineer. Without his/her release, an aircraft is not allowed to fly. Therefore, a well qualified and trained maintenance technician or engineer is a must.

It takes a long time to train and empower such staff. In Türkiye and region, training for this kind of personnel is even longer and harder. Due to shortage of properly accredited training facilities and instructors, most of these personnel have to go through extra training and relatively risky experience processes while working. It is risky due to human factor issues. The value of the qualification is mostly based on person's personal effort. To reach a satisfactorily qualified experience level, it may take between 5 to 10 years. It is jeopardy for flight safety.

The need for qualified aircraft maintenance personnel is accelerating in an increasing pace. This pace will further increase with the greater development of aviation world for the region in and around Türkiye. Currently, graduates of aircraft maintenance schools in this region do not have an adequate knowledge and experience level. This is due to the lack of sufficient training content, instructors and facilities. As a result of these, airlines and aircraft maintenance, repair and overall organizations have to establish special training programs for the entry level aircraft maintenance personnel. This is a significant element of cost for public to bear for comfort in flying.

Aviation and especially air transportation, is a very vital piece of the world economy. Air transportation is a great link that brings together people, their lives and businesses. The advantages of flying will continue to be shared in the world. This will demand safer and uninterrupted services from the airlines and their service providers. All these require well qualified personnel.

We are five people with passion for aircraft and our careers spend in aircraft maintenance training. We see a fundamental weakness in training of technical personnel and their sufficiency. Five of us with the same concern got together and planned to establish an EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) approved aircraft maintenance basic training school. Graduates of this school will reduce entry level training cost for the airlines and aircraft maintenance, repair and overall organizations. It will also increase the safety of air transport in the region.

To obtain EASA accreditation, there are two very major conditions that needed to be complied with. First condition is an adequate facility that has features as workshops and a hangar. The hangar should be able to house an aircraft for training purposes. The second condition is to have qualified instructors. There is a shortage for specialized subject matter experts in the aircraft maintenance sector. We are fortunate to have instructors with more than 20 years of experience as partners.

The school will provide theoretical and practical training. Theoretical training will be held in workshops consist of aircraft systems and components. Practical training will be using real aircraft that are not operating. Benefits of such training will be well qualified, skilled and ready personnel for aircraft maintenance environment. Our targeted region is Eastern Europe, CIS, Middle East and Northern Africa. Manufacturer reports show us, sector requires a lot of maintenance personal in this region and this school will be one of a kind in the region.

For the school, the needed initial investment is $3 million USD. Return on investment is planned to be in two years.

So we are looking for partners to establish this aircraft maintenance basic training school in Türkiye.

Our mission is to educate highly qualified, internationally accredited aircraft personnel in the region. As to say an airplane cannot fly without a tail, our graduates will be as valuable as a tail of an aircraft.

 If you are interested in please contact us and many thanks for your consideration.

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