We are an aviation training limited company and our job is to train the people who wants to be an aircraft maintenance personnal. 

Also we would like to lead the sector with our experience. In this manner we are assistting to the Part 147 and Part 145 organizations for practical training and on the job training as a consultant.

In additional we generated some innovative software design such as Training Needs Analysis and automatic examination system.

Aircraft Maintenance Basic Training: We know that many emerging aviation markets currently recruit trained personnel from outside the region to fulfill their growing need for maintenance technicians, as mechanic and avionic. There will be a strong need for basic skills training in these emerging markets to develop a local source of technicians.

The followings are the value proposition to be graduated from an EASA Part 147 Basic Training school;

    • International accreditation
    • Time reduction in required period of employees’ experience
    • Reduced cost of employability


Figure of speech, graduating from an EASA Part 147 Aircraft Maintenance Basic Training is a big opportunity. Its mean your work is ready. If you wonder please check the Basic Training menu.

TNA Master is the commercial name of training needs analysis program. It is the first sample all over the word to create training needs analysis for Part 147 organizations. If you want to create, manage, change and modify your TNA (for Aircraft Type Training or Maintenance Basic Training) easily,  please take a look the TNA Master menu.

Exam Master also is the first sample among the counterparts all over the word. By using this system you can manage your exams without any fail. You can create many questions. You make your trainees teach very well, you don’t make them memorize the subjects.  If you want to learn more detail please click the related menu.

The following services provide you to be a well qualified aeroplane maintenance staff.

To be a good certifying staff you should demonstrate your sufficiency for about English. First you have to handle this. We are offering you a radical solution. Please take a look for details to the English Training menu.

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